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In 2005 I signed up for something; I had no idea what I was volunteering to do, I had no idea of the impact it would have on my life. It was one of those weeks where God moved in so many ways, challenged my faith and all my preconceptions, broke me and then built me up again.  I am so thankful for Xpression and honoured to be able to give back in leadership.  The thing I love most about Xpression is the morning meetings, sometimes they can be long, but, what a blessing it is to be able to spend time hearing from Gods word, worshipping him and joining together in small groups before taking it out onto the streets of Portadown.


This will be my third year doing Xpression and I cannot wait to get stuck in.  Last year I was so nervous but from the start, it could not have been better.  I loved the mornings; spending time studying the word of God and how it applies to our lives.  I cannot wait to serve our local communities so that people can come to know the love of God.



My first contact with Xpression was in 2008 when one of my kids signed up and I became aware of the amazing work that was going on. Since then I've become more involved each year and am Chair in 2017.  Put simply, the opportunity to deepen our love of God and to apply this love to our work in the community is a constant source of inspiration. Each year, as we bring the good news of Jesus to the community in Portadown, we see lives being changed and disciples being made.


God is good. This year (2016), I came along to my first Xpression having been invited along by friends. From the initial gathering on Tuesday to the Sunday night worship, I can honestly say that Xpression has been the single largest boost to my faith, the best builder of my confidence and the most encouraging activity I have ever undertaken. Seeing the changes God has, is, and will make in our local community is so uplifting. What’s better is knowing that I played a part, however small in service to God through practical work in Portadown. My favourite part of Xpression is non-existent. The teams, the Worship, the practical work, the talking to strangers, the presence of God – impossible to choose one! Roll on 2017!

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