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What is Kid's Club?

“What’s a Bible?”

“Why do you do this?”

“Do you get paid?”

“How do you know that Jesus loves ME?”


These are only some of the hundreds of thousands of questions that we have been asked from the kids of the Garvaghy Road over the past 11 years. Can you imagine in 2018 being asked what a Bible is? Kids Club OTT started all those years ago with a group of young adults that felt called to the area of Garvaghy after serving there during Xpression that year. From that point forward they didn’t know how they were going to do it, where it would be and who would turn up but they trusted God. Here we are in 2018 finishing up for the summer and preparing for Xpression Kids Club during the summer. God has been so faithful and powerful in the lives of the kids and leaders year after year.

As the 2017/2018 year finished up myself and the Kids Club committee along with the leaders who started it up all those year ago, were able to reflect over the past year and the years gone before. In total 141 kids had entered through the doors of Kids Club this year alone; that’s 141 kids that were able to worship Jesus through songs such as My Lighthouse, One Way and Counting on God. 141 kids who listened to the Word of God told by different leaders, young and old, hearing stories of the ‘Heroes of the Faith’ in Hebrews 11 and the life and death of Jesus. 141 kids having the chance to build relationships with leaders from all different walks of life.

Looking Back

Looking back on everything from the past 11 years, I simply cannot help but smile ear to ear because of how consistent and present God has been in every action, story, song or conversation. We have seen kids accept Jesus into their hearts and watched them grow in the grace of God. Every summer we give out Bibles to any kids that ask for them, this summer we have given out 6 Bibles so far. The conversations and questions that have come from this have blown my mind at how interested and willing our kids are to engage in learning more about Jesus. I love that we can have these conservations but also send these Bibles home with them so that their families can get a glimpse of God too.

We Give & We Get

Not only is Kids Club about the children and young people of Garvaghy but for me, it is equally for the leaders that give up their time week in and week out. My heart honestly skips a bit when a child runs into the hall and runs straight into the arms of one of the leaders and starts to tell them all about their week from the second they left Kids Club the Friday before to the second they ran into the hall. Majority of our leaders are between the ages of 16-21 with a few of our ‘more mature’ leaders that help out too. They show up on a Friday and give their all to the kids every week, listening to their dramatic stories, acting like idiots when they need to and showing such enthusiasm in everything that they do. I believe, Kids Club would not work without God and our leaders. They are the greatest bunch of leaders anyone could ask for as they have a heart for the children and for God. I love sitting at the front of the room and watch every leader and every child accept each other and have fun together.

What about You?

For me, when I started Kids Club 5/6 years ago I did not think I would end up being leader in charge. I started as a new Christian who wanted to live out my faith practically and this was the way I was going to do it. I almost instantly feel in love with the community and knew that this was where God wanted me to be. I enjoyed the challenge and got really invested in what was happening. You would have seen Daniela and me always stepping up to the occasion of fancy dress whether that was fish and chips or a queen and princess. As time went on, I found myself on the junior committee which allowed me to have a little more responsibility. Two years ago, I got asked if I would be able to become the leader in charge as the current committee where taking a step back due to an increase of personal responsibilities with jobs or kids. This was what God had been preparing me for over the years and I felt that this was an invitation from God to step into this new season.

Kids Club was started because one group of young adults felt that God had called them to the Garvaghy Road through Xpression. 11 years later there are still a group of young adults that feel called to serve God by declaring His goodness to the kids and families of the Garvaghy Road. Xpression only happens for one week of summer and what a fantastic week it is, however why stop serving there? Kids Club happens all year round allowing for people to continually serve God but also be drawn in to a deeper and closer relationship with Him.

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